Neck Pain

Neck pain is typically caused by inflammation of the muscles in the neck, strain, spinal misalignment, and nerve root irritation. Often times these factors show up together, and must be addressed in a corrective manner. Dr. Doyle can evaluate the cause of your neck pain through examination and diagnostic testing, and create a treatment plan to restore normal function, reduce pain and spasm, and improve your posture.

Acute Pain

Acute neck pain is the sudden onset of pain and often headache due to a specific event or strain.  This can usually be treated effectively in 2-3 weeks.

Chronic Pain

Chronic neck pain is pain that someone has experienced constantly for more than three months.  This is often due to old trauma, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, etc.  The treatment for this usually involves a treatment plan that focuses on gradually improving function and decreasing pain over time.  Therapeutic exercise is an essential part of this plan as well, and Dr. Doyle is very capable of programming you with simple and specific exercises to do for this problem.