Patient Testimonials

In the many years I’ve had chiropractic care, Dr. Doyle is far and away the best chiropractor I’ve seen, and I highly recommend him if you’re in neck, back or hip pain.

He cares about his patients’ health and listens carefully to you when you describe the pain. Most importantly, he treats the affected areas with precision and clearly understands the science of the spine. I can’t get over the difference I feel before and after a visit, and I often feel energized after a treatment (and sleep like a baby that night!).

I would describe Dr. Doyle as professional, knowledgeable and always available. I can’t ask more than that from a doctor.

Tim C.

As an aging athlete, I appreciate that Dr. Doyle not only helps whatever ailment I am suffering with that week, but that he also gives me tips, stretches, and exercises to protect from future injury and improve my overall fitness. Undoubtedly, since starting to see Dr. Doyle, my health and fitness performance have improved.
Kristen Hoffecker

There was a time when I wasn’t able to walk without having weekly chiropractic visits for my back. Dr. Doyle was recommended to me and within a surprisingly short number of visits, I began to feel much better. Dr. Doyle also taught me a couple of simple exercises I could do between adjustments, and I was able to go for longer periods of time between visits. His understanding and techniques put me on the fast track to feeling better, and the work he does is amazing. Thanks Dr. Doyle!
Crystal H.

Dr. Doyle and I went to school together. I have always known him to be sincere, level-headed, pleasant and courteous. He is very competent and thorough. He is physician I can trust.

Jimi Gerni

Dr. Doyle is an amazing chiropractor. I’ve referred many to him over the last 15 years and have always heard great experiences from them. He’s the only chiropractor our family will see.
Jera White

Great Chiropractic service! Dr. Doyle helped me during my pregnancy and after a car accident. Would always recommend.

Maria M.

Dr. Doyle is conscientious, empathetic and treats the Whole Person, not just their specific complaint. He has been my physician for 5 years and during that time, he has treated and supported me through a lumbar and cervical injury until I could resume my active lifestyle again. Thanks to him, I was able to avoid surgery!
Denise Morris


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