We believe that healing begins with caring, listening, and interest in our patients.  Our aim is to treat people with kindness and respect as they work toward recovering and being their best.

Dr. Doyle is intentional about accurately diagnosing and treating your condition efficiently and effectively. His goal is also to recognize natural strategies including nutrition and specific exercises that will foster not only your recovery, but your overall wellness and quality of life.

We utilize a poly-therapeutic approach to healing including skilled spinal manipulative treatment, Erchonia Low Level Laser, Dry Needling, and Active Myofascial Release. Dr. Doyle has found this to be the most effective way to accelerate healing and optimize patient’s physiology.

Dr. Doyle and his staff are on purpose to serve a meaningful role in helping the people of Colorado get relief of their pain and achieve a higher quality of life.  Join us in the positive pursuit of your best health. Naturally.

In Health,

David Doyle, DC, BS, CSCS


Initial Exam: $50 Adjustment: $50

Re-Evaluation: $34

Month-to-Month plan: $60 up front and $30/visit (great plan if you have an acute problem and need to come in twice a week for couple of weeks)

Yearly plan: $300 up front and $30/visit (great for regular chiropractic care)

Low Level Laser Therapy:

Comprehensive Laser Package 1

  • 6 Treatments (Two Areas + Transcranial) – $300 ($25/Visit)

Comprehensive Laser Package 2

  • 10 Treatments (Two Areas + Transcranial) – $440 ($22/Visit)

6 Treatments (One Area) – $210 ($35/Treatment)

6 Treatments (Two Areas) – $315 ($52.50/Visit)

10 Treatments (One Area) – $320 ($32/Treatment)

10 Treatments (Two Areas) – $480 ($48/Visit)

20 Treatments (One Area) – $640 ($32/Treatment)

20 Treatments (Two Areas) – $960 ($48/Visit)

Non-Package Low Level Laser Therapy Pricing

  • $40/Treatment for One Area
  • + $20/Treatment for any Additional Area

Dry needling: $50 (1-2 Regions) & $70 (3-4 Regions)

Electrical stimulation: $25

X-Ray Review: $25

2023 Hours:

Monday: 8:00-12:00, 2:00-6:00

Tuesday: 7:30-11:30, 1:30-5:30

Wednesday: 8:00-12:00, 2:00-6:00

Thursday: 7:30-11:30

Friday: 9:30-12:30, 2:30-5:30

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 719-358-5170 or at frontdesk@cspringschiro.com.