Stress is everywhere in our busy lives.  Traffic, bills, sitting at work for hours, deadlines, poor diet —  stress is inevitable.  Our body’s ability to adapt to a stressful situation is what determines how stress affects our health and well being.  Why do some deal with stressors better than others?  We all have developed an emotional and physical “skill set” that allows us to deal with stress in a unique way.  Stress causes an increase in our blood cortisol levels, and this is “pro-inflammatory,” meaning it makes any inflammation in our muscle, joints, stomachs, etc, worse.

Chiropractic Approach

The ibuprofen/anti-inflammatory medication is a multi-billion dollar industry that artificially relieves  your inflammation. (Unfortunately, there are over 10,000 NSAID-related deaths per year in the US alone).  Your chiropractor is able to give sound advice on recognizing and managing stress naturally.  With his knowledge of the nervous system, muscles, posture, nutrition, breathing patterns, etc, he is able to address the sources of your stress and create a plan that is natural.  Gradual correction of posture, spinal alignment, and reducing nerve irritation is an effective and logical process of reducing stress and improving health.

Treatment Plan

Dr. Doyle can create a simple and effective treatment plan after a consultation and examination that will be geared toward addressing your stress.  By reducing stress and improving stress management, health improves, sleep improves, digestion improves. If stress is affecting your quality of life, call now for an appointment.