Millions of Americans suffer from sciatic pain with no long-term solution.  Often people just wait until the pain stops, but in the end, this can worsen the condition. This type of pain is different with each patient. The pain can range from a mild to severe. The pain normally starts in just one leg and continues to move from the lower back down to the foot. This condition can worsen with more pain as time goes by.

Sciatic Nerve

This nerve starts in the location of the spinal cord passing through the sacrum, the lower part of the back, and then on to the hip traveling down the leg. With the spine being multifaceted and the nerve being of a larger size it is easy for problems to develop. Physicians trained in chiropractic care are known to take care of this issue. Your physician will request an exam to locate the misalignment that is the contributing problem for the sciatica condition. A complete health history will also help our doctor zero in on the cause of the problem.

Correcting Sciatica

The amount of time necessary to correct sciatica rests on different factors such as: Your age, Body shape, Compliance, Level of activity.

One important factor is the time that the condition has been present. When a condition is untreated for a long time it can get worse, and will therefore will take longer to correct. However, patients are often shocked by how they start feeling better in such a short amount of time.